Why Local Made Custom Cabinets Are The Better Value

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[caption id=”attachment_2378” align=”alignright” width=”208”]Custom made wood wine and pantry cabinets. Locally crafted custom cabinets.[/caption]

Locally constructed custom cabinets provide more value and a shorter lead time than pre-made cabinets sold at the big box stores or home centers.

You may think pre-made cabinets, also known as “modular” are much less expensive.  When you break it down and look at the quality and functionality, that is not usually the case.  Also, when you total up all the cost including trim and installation labor, locally made custom cabinets are a better value.

Some of the advantages going with custom cabinets are:

  1. Design, fabrication, finishing and installation by one company streamlines the process and shortens lead times.
  2. Cabinets are designed to fit your space and individual needs.
  3. There a wider range of door, wood species and finishes to choose from.
  4. More accessory options.
  5. No waiting for back ordered parts and quicker turn around if there are field conditions.

The disadvantages of modular pre-made cabinets are:

  1. Lead times for delivery can be 8 – 10 weeks.
  2. Items can be back ordered that delay cabinet installation.
  3. Potential damages to cabinet boxes from long distance shipping.
  4. Modular sizing means filler strips are used which reduces usable space.
  5. There are fewer options for specialty cabinets like entertainment centers and wine storage.

For over 25 years we have specified locally made custom cabinets and clients love the quality!

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