What Goes into a Home Remodel?

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The home remodeling process can be both an exciting and a daunting task. The only way to stay stress-free, on schedule, and within budget is to know what to expect and make a plan. Keep reading to get some insight about the steps that are involved in a home remodel.

Planning Plan for both the look and function of your desired space. Lifestyle is an important factor in any remodel, as well as how much space there is to work with. Most of all, the budget should be referred back to often during planning to assess the feasibility of each part of the overall plan.

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Budget Before starting a remodel, it’s important to write out a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. This will help you identify where to cut costs if they begin to rise mid-project. This means you should have a good understanding of what home improvement contract allowances are as well.

Hiring Pros It’s important to ensure that the contractor chosen has references (family and friends are great resources) has the appropriate licenses, and has a consistent team of workers under them. Take your time hiring any professional that will be doing work on your home—it can save you lots of money, stress, and safety issues down the road.

Design and Layout This is where form and function come into play, and it’s a great time to think ahead. Are there growing children or aging parents that will require a reallocation of space over time? How is the home oriented and how can a remodel bring in the most light? How are the rooms situated in respect to one another and what would be the most functional configuration? Questions like this are raised during the design process and help you find a solution that is both visually and functionally appealing.

Optimizing Storage Before the cabinets go in and the shelves are constructed, a close review of the current space should be conducted—especially in the kitchen. Optimizing your storage space is an important part of a proactive remodel—not an afterthought! Today there are endless customizable options for every homeowners storage needs, so take advantage of the peace that organization can bring to your daily life.

Choosing Materials Because the materials used in a remodeling project rely so much on the budget, they should be settled on before the first tile is popped off or the first nail is hammered. Work with your trusted contractor to choose the materials that work best with your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget. While cheaper materials might save you at first, higher-quality materials that last longer and stand up to common problems like mold and rot will offer more value for your money. You can also talk to your contractor about using green building materials to keep your remodel as eco-friendly as possible.

By knowing what to expect during your remodel and working with a reliable contractor like Murray Lampert Design, Build, and Construction, you can save sanity, money, and time—three things we’d all like a little more of!

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