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July 20, 2018 / by Gregg Cantor / In Home Remodeling

It’s a question we get during almost every in-home consultation meeting we have with prospective clients: “How much will my home remodeling project cost?” And while no homeowner likes hearing the response, “It depends,” the fact is that variables like location, size of the current home or desired addition, the scope of the project, finishes and fixtures to be used, as well as the experience and expertise of the remodeling contractor all play a role in what a homeowner will end up paying.

With the understanding that every project is unique, and coming up with rough estimate can sometimes be problematic, we felt that it might be useful for homeowners in San Diego to have a cost calculation tool based on real data that can help give them an idea of what their remodeling project might cost.

Using data from Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report, we’ve created an interactive remodeling cost calculator, which you can test out below. Again, this calculator is intended to provide a rough estimate, and you should always consult with a reputable home remodeling professional before moving forward with your project.

San Diego Home Remodeling Cost Calculator by Murray Lampert

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