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Known as “the city in the country,” Poway is one of San Diego County’s newest affluent suburban towns. The area is family-friendly and the majority of the residents are families of three or more. Although it has grown dramatically in the past couple decades, it still maintains a strong grip on its country culture. Owning a horse or two is commonplace in Poway and the city hosts San Diego’s largest annual rodeo. It is located directly in the center of the greater San Diego County, giving residents easy access to everything San Diego has to offer. The beaches, downtown, mountains, desert, and amusement parks are all within a 30 minute drive. It is a great place for raising children as it boasts far above average schools and plenty of great outdoor activities nearby.

Historically, Poway was used for farm land and cattle stocking, but the modern road development gave the area direct access to other parts of San Diego. The city was incorporated in 1980 and has boomed since then with an estimated population of just over 50,000. Since Poway is just east of Interstate 15, most residents are raising children there and commuting to work in the nearby San Diego areas. The town is primarily a residential neighborhood with a total of 30 elementary, middle, and high schools. All of the school’s high success rates for standardized tests and are above the national averages. The median income for a household in Poway is $71,708. The area boasts some of California’s best and most consistent weather as the winter average high never drops below 67 degrees Fahrenheit and the summer average never exceeds 82 degrees. San Diego is very desert like and there is usually little rain in Poway, less than 12 inches per year. This is a red flag for fire season and forces the community to constantly take precautionary measures for preventing and defending against wildfires.

You can ensure your family’s safety during wildfire season by completing the proper renovations necessary to block fires from your home.  By creating a safe landscape barrier and/or fire break around your home, the large flames won’t be able to cross over and burn your home.  There are other home renovations recommend for fire safety like replacing wood shake roofing with fire proof tile or composite shingles, replacing dried out wood siding with stucco, and keeping exposed exterior wood painted.   When you move into the beautiful suburban town of Poway, check the date that your home was built and look to see what upgrades are necessary for protection from wildfires and also protection from the hot sun that is shining the majority of the year.

Since the lot sizes in Poway are typically large, family room and bedroom additions are always popular. Being that the Poway is inland it gets hot in the summer time.  When remodeling, a reputable design/build contractor can help you cut down on cooling costs by using energy efficient dual glazed windows, orientating the building so as to avoid direct sun through glazing and use other building practices. There are a large amount of homes that are 25 plus years old in Poway, so kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are also very popular.


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