Kitchen Island Trends for 2017 Kitchen Remodeling

December 29, 2016 / by Gregg Cantor / In Kitchen Remodeling

There’s absolutely no evidence that kitchen islands are going to become obsolete any time soon. Apart from enhancing their aesthetic appeal, designers are now trying to include new functionalities. Take a look at some of the kitchen island design trends that are likely to rule kitchen remodeling in 2017.

Center of the Kitchen

Open-plan kitchens are definitely on the rise, with more and more kitchens having this type of layout. This makes it possible, if not preferable, for having an imposing kitchen island as the central element. Apart from looking fantastic, it also serves a practical purpose in an open space – it connects the meal-preparation area with the dining room and allows for spontaneous social interaction.

Access from All Around

The multiple functionalities of the kitchen island are largely due to the fact that it’s designed to be accessed from all sides. You can use the island as additional storage or working space or even make a seating arrangement. A family member or friend can sit comfortably at the kitchen island while the cook is preparing the meal. The cook, in turn, can move around the kitchen unobstructed by anyone who might be idling around.

'Wardrobe' Design

We’re seeing more of these massive kitchen islands that have cabinet compartments built in. They resemble bedroom wardrobes and contribute to the feeling of tidiness and elegance in the kitchen. This trend is a follow-up to the widely spread tendency to treat cabinets as one visually inseparable unit.

Islands with Seating

It seems that using the kitchen island counter only as an extra working area isn’t that popular anymore. Instead, we see more and more island counter seating arrangements. While the seating arrangement still covers only one part of the island, the island itself starts to look more like a dining table, with a great portion of its countertop used for this purpose.

Two-Faced Island

In a contemporary open plan kitchen, we expect to see a blend of colors, textures, and styles. Naturally, something has to be done about the imposing kitchen island. Currently, more and more homeowners choose to have the ‘’two-faced island’’ – one side of the island blends with the style of the kitchen, while the other side facing the living room looks differently and has a different function.

It doesn’t mean that the island has to be made of two different materials, though. In fact, the focus is on functionality. While the side facing the kitchen can incorporate the sink, the oven or closed-door cabinetry, the one facing the living room can have open shelves for books and decorative elements.

Two-Level Island

This type of kitchen island combines the traditional function of the kitchen island with the bar counter functionality. While the lower level can provide the additional working space, the upper level can be used for having meals or simply enjoying a glass of wine while sitting comfortably on a bar stool.

Movable Island

Extremely practical for small kitchens, a movable kitchen island is a trendy design solution. You can integrate this island into the design by blending it with other textures and colors in the kitchen. The design itself doesn’t need to conform to any given norm; the mini island can either have a closed or an open bottom part, so it can serve as a movable cabinet. It’s reminiscent of older times and provides a unique retro feel.

Want to Install a New Kitchen Island or Cabinets?

Kitchen designers are currently focusing heavily on kitchen islands and cabinetry. There are plenty of options to choose from and improve the functionality of your kitchen, as well as its visual appeal. Innovative designers at Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel can give you professional advice on the choice of these vital kitchen elements. If you require custom cabinetry, we’ll design and build it for you. Fill out our online form today and share your vision with us.



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