How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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You feel you don’t have enough space in your home? You would like to have a room addition but you don’t have the budget to undertake such a project at the moment? We have a couple of tips that won’t cost you much but will add the much needed space. We have compiled a list of ideas on how to make a small room look bigger, whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or home office.

How to make your bathroom look bigger

Bathrooms often feel cramped with appliances and toiletry. It may be that you simply have to organize your bathroom better. If you still cannot afford an additional or master bathroom, don’t despair. You can replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower. This type of shower is not only modern and widely popular, but also saves water and consequently reduces your utility bills.

Once you get rid of the greatest enemy of your bathroom space, move on to the fixtures. You can replace your old fixtures with a whole array of space-saving ones. For example, you can mount the sink and faucets on the wall and make more space for moving around. Another practical solution is the corner sink. As far as the vanities go, making them float will free up room for feet. All of these solutions look very sleek and enable you to have a modern-looking bathroom with a small-scale remodel.

Another relatively cheap option is to put up mirrors. Even though you probably have one mirror in your bathroom already, consider replacing it with a bigger one, or putting up an additional one. Besides being practical, especially if two people are using the bathroom at the same time, mirrors are a great way to break the monotony of a cookie-cutter bathroom design.

How to make your kitchen look bigger

The main problem with kitchen space is actually the lack of storage space. When you think about adding more storage space, you probably think adding more cabinets, but that’s just making the space look even smaller. The best way is to replace the existing cabinetry and drawers with smart-storage solutions. There are smart options such as:

  • pull-out cutting boards
  • built-in trash bin
  • multi-level drawers
  • open shelves
  • movable countertop
  • deep drawers and modern cabinets

Don’t forget the corners – consider the incredible corner drawers! In combination with a Lazy Susan, you can get an unbelievably practical corner cabinet that will provide ample storage, while staying hidden from sight and easily accessible.

How to make your bedroom look bigger

As your family grows bigger, your home is bound to get smaller. Beds take up the biggest amount of space, so it’s natural that designers have come up with lots of practical solutions. For example, a pull-out bed is excellent for your children’s bedroom.

If you have a room with a sloping roof and you have no idea what to do with it – perfect! Turn it into children’s bedroom by installing bunk beds under the slope. Add shelves to each cubby where your children can store their books and toys - they’re going to love it!

A built-in movable bed is another cool option. The most popular type combines the place for sleeping with storage space. The bed is on top of the structure and it can be lifted to reveal a storage space underneath. The space can have shelves and other compartments for storing clothes, shoes, suitcases – all out of sight but conveniently accessible.

How to make your home office look bigger

If you are like so many telecommuters, your home office is probably the size of a pantry. Being economical with space is, logically, paramount. The most common solution is installing a pull-out desk or integrating the desk within a shelf. In that way, you can have all the stationery, printer or other home office supplies close at hand. What’s more, when you decide to move your home office someplace else, you just move the shelf.

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