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The thing that makes Rancho Peñasquitos such a magical neighborhood is how the community sticks together. Every first weekend of May, the community organizes the Fun Run, Street Fair and the Parade. Everyone comes together to celebrate life in such a thriving, friendly community. At times like these you have to wonder about what happens when your family starts growing and your old home becomes too narrow. Building or buying a new home can be expensive and a new lot can be hard to find. In the end, you might even consider moving out of the neighborhood you love so much. But what if there was a way to keep all your treasured memories and your old family home, but also improve it to accommodate your growing needs. Murray Lampert Design Build and Remodel is happy to offer you our help as the premier home improvement company in San Diego and the leader in home additions in Rancho Penasquitos. All you need to do is contact us!

Home and Room Additions in Rancho Penasquitos

The first thing you need to do is contact us through the form on our webpage, and our agents will book you a free in-house appointment. Our professional architects will visit you to assess your needs as well as your home’s potential for improvement. Whether you need just a little extra space in your bathroom or an entirely new floor, our architects will evaluate the possibilities and deliver a few initial sketches. The one you select will be developed into a 3D render, and after we’ve helped you select high-quality materials that still fit in your budget, we’ll deliver a quote for the project and we can be well underway! Murray Lampert works with outside contractors who share our passion for affordable home improvement, so you can expect only the finest craftsmanship and the best construction workers at an affordable and reasonable rate.

Stress free project management

When you hire Murray Lampert you are hiring a team of professionals with over 4 generations of experienced staff. While you might imagine that such a serious undertaking might be a stressful and tiresome experience, we make sure the burden of project management does not fall onto you so you can fully enjoy your new and improved home in the end. That is why our friendly project managers will be in charge of coordinating any and all outside contractors so that you don’t have to juggle a dozen different contacts. We will help you obtain all the necessary legal permits so your room addition project is completely legal and you can be sure that no cut corners will come back to haunt your beautiful new home. In the end we will deliver the entire documentation including all the permits, blueprints and a single invoice for the entire project.

Murray Lampert: The other name for quality

Founded in 1975, Murray Lampert Design Build and Remodel strives to deliver only the best quality at the most reasonable prices. Our trusted vendors supply us with the finest materials with our special general contractor discount, so we can offer you only the finest quality while staying within your budget constraints. Many scam companies are known for taking legal shortcuts and offering low-grade materials which decay fast, leaving you with an even bigger problem and creating additional expenses. Murray Lampert guarantees that our product is built to last so we offer a 5-year warranty to all our customers.

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