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The holidays are a very special time of year for families and friends. During the time just before Thanksgiving through to New Year’s Day, there is a constant stream of celebrations and gatherings that people are hosting or attending. As soon as Thanksgiving ends, and in some cases before even then, many households start the process of getting creative with their holiday cheer. In fact, today many homes are decorated for a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks of festivities.

The holidays often offer moments of creative inspiration for many homeowners, and there are many parts of a home that can be decorated for the season. The first step is to decide whether you want only the main portions of the house decorated, or if the theme should carry throughout the entire house to help guests and family members feel the cheer in every room. Added areas of creative decorating can include family rooms, bathrooms and guestrooms, porches, and bedrooms. Once the decision is made on which rooms to decorate, then the overall plan for decorations becomes a cohesive effort that can be much easier to let pour throughout the home.

There are many great decoration ideas that can be included in a home. In addition to the traditional Christmas trees, Christmas lights, turkeys, wreaths, and garland, there are a host of other really wonderful decorations that can accent a room. Some of the best and easiest ideas include:

• Tiered candles • Garlands • Holiday wall clocks • Holiday books and magazines for reading • Holiday glassware and stoneware • Festive baskets • Holiday pictures • Lights and centerpieces

For those who seek to get their hands on a host of wonderful new ideas for decorating, there are also many magazines and websites designed specifically to offer homeowners guides to decorating as well as listing out fun craft ideas with specific instructions.

As for color, while there are many crafts and Christmas decorations that are made of the traditional red, green, white, or holiday plaids, there has been a modern rise in the number of designer crafts and retail ornaments that come in a variety of colors to match almost any home’s décor and color theme. The best guide for decorating is to take it room by room and decide whether the decorations should be thematic, color-coordinated, or offer a more traditional holiday theme.

Safety is also always a major concern for homeowners and their families during the holidays. Keep these tips in mind when stringing lights and handling home decorations:

•Avoid inhaling artificial snow sprays. •Ensure that you only purchase lights that have been tested for safety. Inspect lights every year and repair frayed wires or broken bulbs. •Never use lighted candles near trees or garlands. •Purchase non-combustible or flame-resistant decorations. Check the labels for safety.

In addition to the interior of a home, one of the other most desired spots for holiday decorating is the outside area. As years go by, homeowners can buy or craft new pieces to add to the collection, or stick with family heirlooms and longstanding items to remind them of past celebrations and bring a reminder of togetherness during the holiday season.

Happy holiday decorating!

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