Brighten Up Your Yard with These 9 Fall Landscaping Ideas

Brighten Up Your Yard with These 9 Fall Landscaping Ideas featured image

December 05, 2018 / by Gregg Cantor / In Home DIY Tips , Outdoor Spaces

Fall is in full swing in San Diego. The leaves are falling and the air is crisp and cool. It’s the perfect time for fall landscaping! You can transform an OK yard into a stunning work of art, even as the weather continues to drop. Dressing up your lawn boosts your home’s value and physical appeal. We have a few ideas you can implement that will turn your neighbors green with envy.

1. Make the Door a Focal Point

When you think landscaping, your front door may not come to mind. There are two simple ways to help you stand out this autumn. The first is placing a wreath on the door that has a fall mix of flowers and foliage. The second is changing the door color with a fresh, new paint job. A vivid red is sure to add a spark to your outdoor décor.

2. Let Your Light Shine

Fall landscaping isn’t always about plants, trees, flowers and mulch. Add some drama and flare by placing decorative lights near your front door. Outdoor lighting is practical and attractive. It can light up your walkway while illuminating your landscape.

3. Amaze With Accessories

Think of your landscaping like a little black dress. You know it doesn’t take much to turn heads when you add the right accessory, such as a string of pearls. Well, accessorizing works wonders with landscape design as well. It only takes a few elements to add a bit of personality to your lawn, such as an iron medallion that waves in the wind. Here are a few more options:

  • Pots of seasonal flowers
  • Flower-bed borders and lawn edging
  • Ponds and fountains

4. Keep Greenery in the Mix

Do you need a bit of privacy? How about a gorgeous backdrop for your flowers, shrubs and trees? If you’re looking for functionality and beauty, consider greening up your outdoor space with evergreens. Just place them around the edges of your yard. Keep in mind that size does matter, so you want to make sure they fit into your space. You can go with a cypress that’s 4 x 10 feet or a compact Austrian pine that’s 8 x 15 feet. In either case, the evergreens can give you the right amount of solitude you desire without consuming too much of your yard.

5. Focus on a Theme

One fun way to add interest is to repeat a specific theme. In design, the repetition of patterns creates a clean, uniform look. For instance, consider incorporating different plants that have similar shapes. Examples include plants such as a blue spruce and a tall columnar white. You can also bring evergreens into the mix. Although these trees are called evergreens, they’re available in multiple colors that include the following:

  • Dark-green arborvitae
  • Silvery-blue spruce
  • Blue-green pine

6. Cover the Ground

Ground coverings reduce weeds and function like a carpet for any ground-hugging plants. Since water-use efficiency is an important part of the San Diego lifestyle, you can choose plants that work best for this climate. These include trailing lantana, Carmel creeper, rosemary and Silver Carpet.

7. Build a Structural Element

The structure is another design principle that can take your outdoor space to the next level. A few options include a stone retaining wall, fence, pergola or arbor. Stone is a popular landscape element because it works with any landscape. Plus, it’s maintenance free.

8. Make Multi-Season Plants a Staple

Do you want a great-looking yard with minimal physical upkeep? Go with multi-season plants. For example, there’s the Pagoda dogwood, which gives blueberries in the summer, white flowers in the spring and stunning fall colors in the autumn. Shrubs that work well throughout the year also include:

  • Reblooming hydrangeas
  • Fothergilla
  • Viburnum
  • Ninebark

9. Contrast the Color Scheme

Nothing says, “I know how to landscape like a boss,” like contrasting light and dark colors. Try combining some purple-leaf grape foliage with silver-colored ornamental grass plumes. Other alluring dark plants include Black Lace Elderberry, Velvet Cloak Smoke Bush, and Diabolo Ninebark. When it comes to landscape, opposites do attract.

There are so many options for creating fall landscaping that reflects your taste, style and personality. You have your choice of trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and ornaments. Now, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with so much awesomeness to choose from, contact Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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