5 Advantages to Working with a Design-Build Project Manager

5 Advantages to Working with a Design-Build Project Manager featured image

June 19, 2019 / by Gregg Cantor / In Design-Build

In the world of home design and construction, project managers are crucial in creating a thorough and fluid plan. A home remodeling project carried out by a design-build team will feature a dedicated and experienced project manager to guide the project from start to finish. Project managers are responsible for coordinating the trades, managing subcontractors, making sure the project is on schedule and on budget, and keeping the client completely in the know each step of the way. Their support is equally as valuable as the skills that are being provided physically for the project, and they make the entirety of the remodel easy-going for everyone involved.

At Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, our team features some of the best design-build project managers in the industry. We believe that their skills deserve to be highlighted, so that you, the homeowner, will know exactly how they can help your next remodeling project run as smoothly as possible. Take a look at our list below for five incredible advantages that a design-build project manager brings to the table.

1. They are Your Single Point of Contact

If you work with a traditional contracting company for a home remodeling job, chances are you will be talking to multiple people about the project itself. Though this might seem okay in the moment, this will get old– fast. In the design-build method of project delivery, a dedicated project manager acts as the noble mediator on your home’s project. They will be the ones that eliminate outside noise and eliminate confusion, and they are there to understand your wants and needs. This is a highly valuable benefit to both the outcome of your project, as well as your stress level during the process.

2. They Lead the Remodeling Project

In addition to being your main point of contact, a project manager does exactly what his or her title says: they manage the project from start to finish. They handle all of the planning, the direction of the project, they oversee the project, and they make sure that it is flowing in congruent with the set timeline. Project managers are the accountability partners of a design-build team, and they make sure that what was agreed upon at the start is consistently maintained; all the way down to the budget. Whether you see this as a bonus to hiring a design-build team or not for your next home remodel, just remember that their previous successes have greatly helped build our reputable and satisfying name.

3. They Manage the Trades and Subcontractors

Not only are project managers important to you and to the business at large, they’re important to the tradespeople that are working on the job. The project manager meets the needs of the tradespeople, handles their complications, and brings on the right about of tradespeople for the job so that it fits right into your budget. Their management skills are put on a pedestal at Murrary Lampert, because juggling multiple aspects of a job can be challenging, tiring, and exhausting– but they do it because they love it and their skills are prodigious.

4. They’re A Source Of Guidance & Inspiration

Project managers have seen it all. From the best case scenario to the worst case scenario, project managers have a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t. They’re able to work quickly and effectively for the project’s timeline. They know trends, they have elite sources for design styles, and they’re available to help flush out all of your ideas. Sometimes all you need as a homeowner is someone to bounce ideas off of; to hear opinions and to develop concepts. A project manager is a multi-talented human being that serves in nearly all avenues of the home remodeling process. Ask them a question regarding design or functionality, and nine times out of ten they will have a detailed response – or be able to point you to another professional in the company.

5. They’re Focused On Getting the Job Done

The beauty of a project manager is that they are laser-focused on one thing: executing your remodeling project. They’re detail oriented professionals that, when completely in the zone, are capable of overseeing every detail in the design-build process. Their job is designed in a way that’s not intrusive of other areas of the business, and that keeps them fully focused on their 20%. When working with a general contracting business on a home remodel, the likelihood of dealing with a contractor that’s disorganized and can’t answer your questions (or just forgets them) is really high, because let’s face it: they’re pulled in so many different directions to keep their business running. Project managers keep it simple for you and for us.

If you’d like to talk to a design-build project manager about upcoming home remodel, reach out to us today!

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