2018 Home Design Trends on the Horizon

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October 28, 2017 / by Rachel Cantor / In Home DIY Tips , Interior Design

2018 is just around the corner and we’ve forecasted some of the highly anticipated home design trends coming soon. When it comes to describing 2018, Pantone suggests one word: BRIGHT.

2017 saw the rise and conquer of Millennial Pink – that perfect mix of bubblegum and rose that’s been sweeping marketing campaigns, makeup lines and everything in between.

According to Pantone, Millennial Pink isn’t going anywhere. But there are a few additions to 2018’s trending colors that may throw Millennial Pink from the foreground and dominate your living room walls. Bright and bold hues or cozy and muted - and we love each for their differences!

Bright Colors & Geometric Patterns

Intense color palettes, like electric blues and deep fuchsias, are appearing in accessory items like pillows and throws, and also fueling accent wall trends. Incorporating small iridescent accents into your home is a way to brighten up certain areas without being too over-the-top.

Geometric patterns will also see a revival in 2018, as homeowners add these bold yet fun patterns to their accent walls, backsplashes, wall decor, and more.

image of living room decorated with bright color and geometric patterns Image: dorisleslieblau.com


In a similar vein, metallics are still predicted to be a popular trend in 2018. Drawing upon the classic principles of art deco, metallic accents in fabric, artwork, and tableware offer a bit of shimmer without overwhelming a space. Bathrooms, when softened with neutral textiles, might see the inclusion of a copper countertop, while a dining room space can benefit from the sharp contrast between earthy woods and the watery reflections of silver.

Wood Treatments

Speaking of earthy woods, natural elements will make a big splash in 2018. While bright whites have made a big show in recent years, you’ll start to see more wood treatments in unexpected places, like accent walls and ceilings.

Incorporate more wood treatments in your San Diego home by looking for lamps, pots for indoor plants, hand-carved bowls, frames, and rich accent furniture.

The Power of Gray

The future isn’t all bold colors and iridescent hues. Grays, in direct contrast with the bouncy hue of Millennial Pink, also had a moment in 2017. In fact, one of our most recent major home renovations in San Diego incorporated a significant amount of gray into the design - and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this cozy Coronado home.

photo of gray interior design beach house Image: home-designing.com

Moving into 2018, gray will continue to make its mark with a reputation that is less monochrome and more moody. Shades of gray with amethyst undertones offer a bit of intrigue when paired with a well-lit room. Lighter grays in place of pastels take a space from dramatic to serene. Moral of the story: gray is here to stay.


Calling all pillows, blankets, ottomans, curtains, and footstools! Fringe is going to be a hot trend in 2018 that you are sure to see in many San Diego homes next year. Bring it on! We’re loving the fringe trend because it adds just a little bit of texture and playfulness to whatever its a part of!

What were some of your favorite trends in 2017 and which ones are you most excited about in 2018? We’re excited to see which of these trends truly takes off next year!

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