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What Metal Should You Use in Your Kitchen?

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Picture your ideal kitchen. Do you want a comfortable, cozy, farmhouse-style kitchen? Or do you envision a
sleek, modern kitchen with minimalist appliances?

Whether you want an eclectic or a traditional kitchen, a variety of elements will contribute to its style,
including the cabinets, flooring, countertops, and appliances. But small elements can do just as much to
determine your kitchen’s aesthetic, including the type of metal you choose for the cupboard handles, kitchen
sink, and light fixtures.

Below, we’ll cover some of your possible choices for metal in the kitchen and tell you where and how to
implement these metals.

Most Popular Metals

When it comes to metal in the kitchen, most people think immediately of stainless steel. However, your
options are actually incredibly diverse. Choose one of the following metals to help your kitchen stand out
from the rest.


Brass is an increasingly popular kitchen metal. Its unique gold color gives your kitchen a high-end look.
It’s also incredibly easy to take care of and won’t tarnish easily. Use brass for your lighting fixtures,
such as pendant lights, or with any knobs or faucets. Pair brass handles with clean, white cupboards and
drawers to create a classic, classy kitchen.

Stainless Steel

As previously mentioned, stainless steel is one of the most common metals used in the kitchen. But when
used correctly, stainless steel can add useful accents that help your kitchen look modern or contemporary.
Plus, most people use stainless steel because it’s a durable, strong, low-maintenance metal-it might be a
simple choice, but it can last for years.

Most people use stainless steel appliances. But if you want a hyper-modern kitchen, consider going a
little bit farther. Choose stainless-steel countertops, cabinets, backsplashes, and island toppers, or invest
in a stainless-steel oven, stovetop, and industrial-style sink.


Copper has a reddish-gold color instead of a yellow-gold color, which means it tends to stand out more and
make a bigger statement than brass. You can choose copper faucets, knobs, handles, and light fixtures, but
you can also be more adventuresome and choose a copper range hood or vent hood.

You can also accent your kitchen with copper pots and pans placed on open cupboards. Copper kitchenware is
expensive, but it lasts for a long time and looks beautiful when you put it on display. Copper requires a
little more maintenance than brass-it can tarnish easily, so you’ll likely need to coat it in wax.

As with brass, you can create a classic look by matching copper fixtures and knobs to white cupboards.
Alternatively, you can make a bolder look by pairing copper with black, red, or another deep, striking,
unique color.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron brings a rustic, homey look to your kitchen. The dark color looks perfect against both white
cabinets and darker wood. Use wrought iron handles, knobs, and light fixtures to accent rustic, farmhouse, or
Mediterranean kitchens.

Most Popular Finishes

The way you finish your metal can do as much to change your kitchen’s look as the metal itself. Consider
one of the following:

  • Polished. This finish makes your metal look sleek and shiny. It’s very reflective and can pick
    up fingerprints easily, but it looks refined.
  • Brushed. This finish makes your metal look smooth with brushstroke-like lines. It can give your
    kitchen more character than a polished finish.
  • Antiqued. This finish makes your metal look darker, older, and statelier.
  • Satin. This finish makes your metal look more opaque. It’s comparable to a brushed finish but
    without the extra lines.

Not all finishes work with all metals. Once you’ve chosen your metal, carefully consider its finish. The
type of finish you choose can entirely change the metal’s appearance.

Enjoy Your New Kitchen

Obviously, the type of metal you use in your kitchen is only one of many important stylistic
considerations. However, it can go a long way towards helping you create the perfect look for your dream

To get more ideas about kitchen remodels, check back with our blog frequently.

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