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The Dark Side to Organics: Why Choose Low-VOC Paint?

If you’re currently looking at paint in today’s world, you’ve likely heard about lead paint but you’ve probably also run across the term VOC, which stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are carbon-based compounds that vaporize at room temperature and can combine with other airborne compounds to form ozone. When exposed to ozone, individuals can … Continued

What You Need to Know about Lead Paint and Asbestos

Your home should be your safe haven, free of any risks that could harm you or your family.  Sometimes, older homes contain building materials that have since been outlawed.  In their latent condition, these materials do not pose a risk. However, when remodeling, it is imperative to take care and properly remove and dispose of … Continued

Why You Should Choose Plumbing Components Water-Wisely

Water-wise plumbing components aren’t just great for the environment—they can be great for your budget, too! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies many types of plumbing components to help each one of us do our part to conserve water and save money on our monthly water and energy bills. Here we’ll take a look at … Continued

5 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes

If you’ve ever watched a home remodeling program, you’re well aware that potential problems can spring up. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the most common mistakes homeowners make during the remodeling process to prevent and avoid such disasters. Remodeling can be a large financial undertaking, and mistakes can double—or even triple—the original … Continued

Common Updates for Older Homes

Older homes have a lot of charm and personality, but they can also present some problems that all the personality in the world couldn’t compensate for. This leads you down the road of updating, modernizing or even remodeling. Some problems in an older home can be quick and simple DIY fixes, while others can become … Continued

5 Popular Sustainable Building Materials

Asking a green builder or designer what their favorite sustainable building material is will get you a bevy of different answers. However, there are a few old standby materials that have stood the test of time, along with some new kids on the block making a name for themselves. This list is a mix of … Continued

3 Tips for Springtime Exterior Painting

Spring is a great time protect your biggest investment and take a good look at your home’s exterior. Sealing and painting your exterior is inexpensive in most cases, but goes a long way  to maintain the integrity and visual appeal of your home. Depending on the age of your paint job, some simple caulking and … Continued

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