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Outdoor Home Addition Project Ideas

A new trend in home renovation is creating outdoor rooms to expand your square footage and living space. This includes creating an outdoor retreat that consists of seating, outdoor cooking, patios, and decks. Now that it is officially summertime, everyone is enjoying the wonderful San Diego sunshine in their backyards and entertaining with friends and … Continued

Aging in Place: 10 Concepts of Universal Design

Aging in Place: 10 Concepts of Universal Design You Should Consider  For many, buying a home is a lifelong commitment. It takes decades to pay off a mortgage and begin enjoying a home without the hefty monthly payment attached. And as people age, they often outgrow their homes in terms of safety and quality of … Continued

Recipes You Need to Try This Summer

Alright folks, it’s Summertime and we all know that means outdoor entertaining for those living in San Diego. Often times, hosting a party can mean being stuck at the grill or running around like a chicken with its head cut off, neither of which are not particularly enjoyable. Entertaining guests in your outdoor kitchen should be … Continued

The Pro’s Guide to Deck Restoration

A deck is a great asset to your San Diego home and lifestyle. There’s nothing quite like enjoying an afternoon outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, but still right within reach of your home. A deck is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor living space outfitted with your favorite outdoor furniture and colorful container garden, … Continued

Best Pet-Friendly Home Remodeling Features

Adopting a pet can turn your world completely upside down. As pet parents are well aware of, pets are not unlike children. They can change your life for the better, but they also have their needs. And if you are thinking about home remodeling in Escondido, you should make sure you respect those needs and … Continued

La Jolla Home Remodeling Projects to Plan this spring

With warmer months ahead, you definitely don’t want to wait for the full heat blast to schedule a major home remodel. La Jolla homeowners, just like homeowners anywhere in San Diego, should start planning any major home improvement project now if they want everything to be done before the summer heat. Here are a couple … Continued

The Top Five Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Will Rule 2017

Kitchen cabinets typically occupy the largest portion of your kitchen’s landscape and are usually the first thing to catch your guests’ eyes. Therefore, your new flooring or fancy appliances won’t mean much if your cabinets are scruffy and out of style. This is one of the main reasons homeowners choose to give their kitchen a … Continued

Things to Know before Tearing Walls Down in Your Home

Many homeowners have at one point or another considered tearing down a wall to extend a narrow room, connect two rooms or simply adapt the floor to their needs. Tearing down a wall opens up a lot of design options. However, this project is not as simple as it may sound. Tearing down a wall … Continued

Steam Showers: Treat Yourself to a Home Spa in 2017

Holiday preparations tend to leave many homeowners exhausted and glad the season is finally over. Many choose to visit expensive spas or go away during the weekend to relax and enjoy. But what if you could bring the spa experience to your home? Steam showers are going to be a huge trend in 2017 and … Continued

Kitchen Island Trends for 2017 Kitchen Remodeling

There’s absolutely no evidence that kitchen islands are going to become obsolete any time soon. Apart from enhancing their aesthetic appeal, designers are now trying to include new functionalities. Take a look at some of the kitchen island design trends that are likely to rule kitchen remodeling in 2017. Center of the Kitchen Open-plan kitchens … Continued

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