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Room Additions North Park

North Park is an affluent San Diego neighborhood that stands out with its unique suburban development. Beautiful Craftsman bungalows and cottages give this community a touch of tradition and style, which residents tend to preserve.

However, being a modern community, North Park is seeing a shift in home improvement towards modernity in design and architecture. Homeowners strive to improve their homes’ efficiency and functionality, while simultaneously preserving its original appeal. Innovations in home remodeling offer a whole host of exciting possibilities, of which home additions are definitely on top of the list.

Excellent room additions service

You might need an additional room to serve as a bedroom, kitchen, guestroom, or a home office. Whatever your extra space needs may be, you need professionals who will help you design and build your new addition to blend well with the original structure. Home addition is a great way to maximize on space. It is so common today that it has become a way of renovating and enhancing the aesthetic designs of a house.

Before you pick the option for your home addition, you need to explore alternatives, as well. What will be the purpose of the addition or what problem are you trying to solve? If you really have pressure on space that cannot be solved by remodeling, then you can go ahead with home additions.

Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel is an expert in home renovation, recognized by GuildQuality for its superior service and customer care, and also by Better Business Bureau for its integrity in the community. We are reliable and trustworthy, and we have been dedicated to delivering high-quality services through 4 generations, over 40 years.

Professional service

Our home addition designers will consider the shape and size of the space you want when making plans. Successful home additions by experienced designers will look exactly like a part of the original house. To get you started, designers will provide you with different options you can pick from to expand your house.

You will get to witness their magic as they tie the addition to the existing house seamlessly, and yet make your house stand out elegantly. You won’t need to imagine the final outcome for you can actually see it – we offer 3D renderings of your project’s design and architecture, so you can clearly visualize the space that will be added.

 Top designers give you a quote in advance

Initial budgeting will help you figure out how much finance you need for the construction and materials. The size of the team needed for construction depends on the scale of your project. Home addition designers in North Park will offer you full packages including design consultation, project management, and interior designing. They will provide an appropriate design that suits your budget and can be customized to meet your requirements. Residential designers in North Park will factor in additional costs like finishes and fixtures required and present you with a quote.

Our home design experts will flawlessly extend your house in North Park and complement the design with good exterior and interior decoration. Additional home space can be added up or outside of the house. You will be the partner during construction; you will decide where to add the new room either at the front or at the back, or above the house. Some additions that are common and cost effective include those that connect to the back of the house. You will have new doors that lead to the new outdoor room that could be your kitchen or extra bedroom. Such a design is excellent because you can try different styling techniques without having to conform to an expensive original design.

Creative designers will make your North Park home a sensation

Designers explore different ways to make your home addition a unique masterpiece that highlights the beauty of your house. Some designers will build you a home addition that extends out and away from the house conspicuously, which is not what you want. Keep in mind that a big addition can play hob with the original structure of the house so go for those designs that involve small pieces at different angles to sit well with the original.

An option for big space needs is to raise the roof and add another floor. You can save the costs of roofing and new foundations by making space that hangs out the house. The new floor will be supported with floor joists or kickers. We will tuck in the new small room under the overhanging roof.

Just what you need

The construction of home additions is a major activity but experienced professionals can take care of everything according to details, from the foundations to walls, roofing, and finishes. They will give you a chance to revamp and renovate your current home and create an additional dwelling.

Our North Park home additions team uses the highest quality resources and materials. They offer not only home addition service to clients but also renovation to ensure the new and the old blend.

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