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Room Additions Mission Valley

Mission Valley is a great neighborhood! Whether you are up for some shopping, entertainment or just a quick stroll around the Presidio and the Historic Park – Mission Valley is a great place to live in and for the young ones to grow up. People from all around admire our great shopping malls: Fashion Valley, Hazard Center and Westfield Mission Valley. We love our Chargers and our Aztecs, and we love our life here!

Do you feel like you have grown too big for your home? You do know there’s no reason to move out and leave all of this behind, don’t you? Your neighborhood holds your dearest memories, and if you are not ready to leave all that behind, maybe you should consider the alternatives. Have you ever considered expanding your family home so that it fits your needs?

room additions mission valley

Home and room additions

Murray Lampert is the leader in home remodeling and room addition services in San Diego. With over 40 years of experience, we have established ourselves as the premier home renovation agency. We take pride in having been the leading construction and home renovation company for home addition, and our reputation in San Diego precedes us. We have worked on over a thousand home additions and the satisfied customer reviews and acclaims speak for our results. The first step is also the easiest: contact our agents to book your free consultation and get a free quote on the home addition project.

Professionally handled home addition projects

When you hire Murray Lampert be sure that you won’t have to worry about keeping in touch with a dozen different agencies and coordinating your room addition project. Our professional management handles everything for you: from dealing with any additional contractors, making sure everything is on time, to quality control. With Murray Lampert you can be sure that only the high quality materials are being used, that all the necessary licenses are obtained and that there will be no shortcuts taken. After we’ve established that no zoning and land laws are being broken, our next Mission Valley room addition project is on its way!

Let our designers help you decide what kind of upgrade you need

There are a few types of room additions you could choose from, depending on how much space you need and what you intend to use it for. Whether you need an extra bedroom, an extended bathroom or just a little more space for your living room, our designers will work with you towards designing the perfect room addition for your home. After our initial meeting and consultation, we will present you with a few designs we’ve come up with based on our visit to your home. When you agree on the one which fits your house the most, we will develop the final blueprints and 3D renders, after which we can begin the construction. Every step of the process is entirely transparent: from material cost and quality, schedules and deadlines, to making sure everything is being done by the book.

Mission Valley room addition guaranteed to last!

Here at Murray Lampert we believe in customer satisfaction! That is why we guarantee that the room addition project we handle will last for generations to come. We offer services from selected and trusted vendors when it comes to building materials, plumbing and other necessary services. We will help you stay within your budget limits and still have a high-quality product both you and us will be proud of. We will provide all the documentation and blueprints drawn by our expert architects, all the necessary building permits and fees, as well as the best construction workers. We are so certain in the quality of our product that we offer a 5-year written warranty to all our customers.

For more information on the scope of our services, visit our room additions Hillcrest page.

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