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Home Remodeling On Budget

A common practice used by many home remodeling firms is to understate the cost of items such as cabinetry, tile work, plumbing fixtures, appliances and electrical in order to undercut the competition.  When you are in the middle of construction, and it’s too late, you find out the quality of the products the contractor plans on supplying is not what you expected.   Now you are faced with a change order for the upgrades.

Here are some steps to take for Home Remodeling On Budget prior to signing a contract:

1.  Establish what brand, type, and quality of plumbing fixtures, appliances and finishes you want.  You can start by looking online and getting some approximate costs.  Then go out and kick the tires at your local plumbing supplier, home center etc.

2.  Ask your home remodeling contractor to either define the allowances in the contract for fixtures and finishes or exclude them entirely.  Items like plumbing fixtures and allowances can just as well be left out to avoid contractor mark up and the manufactures warranties will cover you.  Cabinets, counter tops and tile work etc. should be part of the contractor’s scope of work so it is under his/her warranty.

3.   Make sure the contractor’s scope of work includes installation of all finishes, fixtures and appliances whether you provide them or not.  There might be special electrical wiring, plumbing, un-boxing, lifting/moving etc.

Taking the time to go shopping up front is worthwhile.  It will help you keep your Home Remodeling Project On Budget.

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