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Encinitas is a lively San Diego community, situated along 6 miles of Pacific coastline, with sightly hillside areas, natural stream channels and wetland. This friendly area hosts some of San Diego’s popular music and art festivals, such as iPalpiti Festival, featuring young instrumental soloists, as well as the exciting Encinitas Art Festival. It surely offers something for everyone, ranging from sea-fun to cultural and recreational activities.

Being an environmentally-conscious San Diego community, Encinitas is a place where its citizens are encouraged to explore green building options through the Green Building Incentive Program, which offers financial support. This comes in very handy if you are an Encinitas resident and are thinking of making improvements to your home that would involve building. An attractive option to add more space and minimize the building costs are home and room additions.

Home additions for your home

If you are thinking of adding more space to your home, but don’t know where to start, our experts in home additions in Encinitas are here to help you. It doesn’t matter if a new family member has arrived, or you want to extend your kitchen, or you have finally decided to build the master bedroom you have always thought of – whatever your reason may be, it’s important to thoroughly plan your home addition project.

To begin with, there are a lot of options to consider when thinking about a home or room addition in Encinitas, and this is where professional architects, designers and contractors, and a reputable company like Murray Lampert can make everything less stressful and more convenient for the homeowner.

The basics of home additions – why hiring a professional is important

Despite the fact that the early stages of a remodeling project usually begin with sketching your ideas, the best starting point would be to come up with a wish list that would be shown to a remodeling company. This would be a compilation of elements that would influence or shape the design. Also, creating a list would help you figure out what you need to prioritize, modify your wants, and be able to effectively communicate with the contractors and designers who will undertake the job.

Start a list by asking yourself what problems are needed to be solved or what kind of project you aspire to achieve. For those who are planning to carry out room additions, it’s quite obvious that there is the need for a more livable space. Likewise, it might also be ideal to improve the home’s traffic flow or the storage capacity. Always ask a professional for the best route to take.

In order to bring the needs and wants into a clearer focus, it’s important to give yourself enough “dream time.” You can create a scrapbook for this purpose and fill it up with plans and photos taken from your favorite interior and home design magazines. You could also try checking the buying guides section to obtain information about the best products and materials for you to use. After that, whatever idea you come up with, it’s always best to consult with a room additions expert.

Hire our Encinitas experts to conduct your home additions

The number, as well as the type of people needed to carry out your Encinitas home additions project would depend on the scale and scope. For instance, even if you’re planning to start a small home addition project, chances are you’ll have to hire a designer or craftsman who would prepare the drawings that should be applied to obtain a building permit. Most of the time, freehand sketches or diagrams aren’t acceptable, and that is why hiring a professional is better.

On the other hand, for more extensive projects, hiring an architect could help you come up with the overall design. Our professional architects have the skill and expertise needed to create a layout and merge the design with the existing house plan. We also offer architectural rendering and 3D monitoring of your project, where you can see how the design will be incorporated and what changes are going to be made.

Design, Build & Remodel with confidence

For those who plan to undertake a home additions project in Encinitas that would make the process of having home additions more convenient and worry free, we’re one of the best remodeling companies you can trust. Our team of professionals have the experience and skills that could assure you everything will be done properly.

With the help of our team, there’s no need to conduct separate searches for both architects and contractors. That means you don’t have to worry whether or not the team would be able to work together or complete the tasks in a timely manner. Call us today for a free quote and in-home consultation and check out our room additions Bonita page for more information on the scope of the services we offer.

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